Bristol Veg Boxes

Local, organic food to your doorstep

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To order a veg box first have a look at the boxes and  extras           pages to see what you'd like and then

How it works

How to pay

We use a variable direct debt system (Go Cardless)


Setting it up is simple and then your payments are handled automatically. Easy!





You can choose to have your box delivered weekly, fortnightly or as and when.


Please let us know a good place to leave the box in case you aren't home when we deliver. You can give instructions on the "delivery details" section when ordering.                  

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Adding to, changing or cancelling an order

There's no commitment. If you need more, less or are going on holiday and would like to skip a week or two, just login and pause your order or email us by the Sunday before delivery.. its as simple as that.

Where does the veg come from?

See the             page.

Supplying bristol residents with organic vegetables from farms in the surrounding area...

Packaging and boxes

empty fruit boxes

We are proud to say that we use a higgldy piggldy assortment of recycled boxes gleaned  from various fruit and veg wholesalers. These boxes are normally thrown away so it makes perfect sense :) Also they get re-used many times in the scheme so please remember to leave them out for us to collect.


We use very little other packaging.

Rewards for inviting friends

When you invite friends, neighbours, etc to join the scheme we will reward you with a free veg box - and they will get a free box too.

leeks-in-garden-81 veg boxes 011 small carrot friends

If you are near the fringe of this area send us an email and we can let you know if we can deliver to your home..